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Well, another April is in the books!  I find it very difficult to believe sometimes that I have been closing real estate transactions and examining real estate titles in Georgia for 30 years!

This April was like many before it for sure, with a couple of little differences:  there were fewer refinance transactions, more cash sales, fewer “short-sales” and more sellers walking away with money. What does that mean? No one knows for sure, but generally it means that  we are in a period of calm and “wait and see.”

The ebbs and flows of this business involve too many factors for accurate prediction: the weather, the prevailing interest rates, the ease of borrowing, politics, traffic, obviously the supply of houses, downsizing, you name it.

Did I mention the weather?

But one thing is constant: my desire to inform and to educate as well as to provide world-class legal services at competitive prices.

Every week or so I will try to share some hopefully interesting and informative stories about real estate practice and procedure in Georgia.

Please let me know what you think of my little experiment in blogging.

Have a great week.