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Everyone wants the best price for their house, and with a few simple improvements it’s possible to really maximize the value of your home. Looking around it can be really overwhelming trying to decide what to do first and where to start. After you’ve gone through, decluttered and given everything a good scrub, consider this list before you panic! 


There are several ways that painting can impact the value of your home. Over 35% of homes in the US still have lead based paint somewhere in them. Going the extra mile and having lead based paint safely and properly removed from your house will undoubtedly raise the value. If you don’t have lead paint, or the funds handy to have it properly removed, giving your interior a fresh coat in a more neutral color is a simple and cheap way to raise the value of a home


Changing the lighting fixtures to something a bit more contemporary is a cheap and easy way to bring some new life to your home and make it feel less dated when prospective buyers come through on their tours. 


Cleaning your carpet to bring it back to life can be a mountainous endeavor but it can be well worth it when it comes time to sell. But what’s more, upgrading your carpet to a hardwood, or replacing dated tiles creates a big impact when the time comes to set the price. It can feel like a bigger investment, but compared to how heavily the floors weigh on buyer’s minds it’s nothing at all. 

Kitchen Counters 

Replacing old and cracked laminate counters with new ones, or refinishing a higher-grade stone or butchers block counter can refresh and give a kitchen the simple facelift it needs to really boost the value of the home. 

Bathroom finishes

Updating and upgrading the bathroom is one of the most profitable ways to upgrade your home for selling. On average, every $1 you spend turns into about $1.50 at time of sale, however with bathrooms it’s a bit closer to $1.75 for every $1. If you’re going to be putting money into the upgrades anywhere, it might be wise to consider the bathroom as a priority. 

Basic Repairs

While it’s all well and good to upgrade and beautify the space, don’t forget to consider the essentials. Look around your home, is everything in working order? If you’re planning on leaving your appliances, are they all running correctly? Is your heater or air conditioner out of order? Fixing things like broken windows and holes in the walls makes the home much more appealing to buyers. Spending some cash up front to show that the house has been well cared for will reflect very well when it comes time to list and sell your property! 

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