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Boundary Survey? What’s that? Is it important? And should you bother with getting one? Frank B. Pallotta Law has the answers to your questions!

Among the dozens of things to consider when you’re making your Georgia residential real estate investment is whether or not you need a new boundary survey. 

What is a Boundary Survey?

Simply put a boundary survey is a geographic look on your property. A boundary plat typically only shows the boundaries of the property before things are added. A plat is useful, but maybe not so much for you as the homeowner. A boundary survey will show not only the boundaries of your property, but also the buildings such as your home, improvements (driveways, fences, pools, etc.) that have been made, any easements to consider for things like drainage and natural waterways.

Compared to a lot of the fees that come up when buying your home the cost on this is relatively small, but is it really necessary?

Reasons to Get a Boundary Survey

If the person who is selling you the home doesn’t have a recent boundary survey, you may be required to have one done before your mortgage lender will sign off on the mortgage.

Other reasons to consider getting a boundary survey:

  • You want to install a fence or alter an already-in-place fence. Most fences aren’t directly on the property line, so having a boundary survey done on your new residence can help clarify where the limits are and help you plan accordingly.
  • You want to make additions to the property. Other than fences, things like sheds, barns, garages, driveways, etc.
    • These could come up because a boundary survey could be the only way to check on easements, zoning, and making sure that your improvements are within the limits of your property and get your building permit.
  • A boundary survey may be required to satisfy a will and prevent issues with the title as you go into the purchase.
  • If the previous owners have installed a new building or made any significant improvements.
  • Knowing what you’re buying, especially when you’re buying your home, is very important.

Reasons Not to Get a Boundary Survey

It may not be necessary. A boundary survey in Georgia has no set expiration date. For all the reasons to get one, there are a few very good reasons to not bother getting one.

  • A lot of the time, the seller will have a boundary survey done before the house is sold. A realtor can also reasonably ask the current homeowners to have it done before the house is actually sold to you.
  • A boundary survey has been done recently to reflect the improvements done on the house and is still an accurate representation of the property.

Have More Questions?

Frank B. Pallotta Law would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding boundary surveys and more! Give us a call today and let our expert team guide you.