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If you’re buying a house for the first time you’re bound to have dozens of questions that can run through your head at any given moment. Little questions can quickly feel like mountains, especially when it’s three in the morning and you can’t just phone your realtor and ask. But that’s what we’re here for, demystifying the closing process one question at a time!

What is Closing?

Closing is the entire process of buying the house that comes after your offer is accepted. When we talk about the closing process we’re usually referring specifically to the paperwork signing and getting the keys. 

Where Do You Go on Closing Day?

Before closing day you’ll receive a packet of information called a Closing Disclosure that will have the specific address of where you need to go, as well as what you’ll need to bring with you.  More often than not closings happen at the real estate attorney’s office. 

If you’re doing a cash sale in Georgia you still need to have a licensed real estate attorney present at the time of closing so that will likely be at the attorney’s office as well. 

The days leading up to closing can be stressful enough and adding the complexities and possibilities of remote closings can be enough to send anyone over the edge. If you need any advice on how to prepare for the big day check out our handy guide.

What about Remote Closings?

Before the Covid-19 pandemic the attorney’s office was really the only option when it came to home closings. However, the ongoing pandemic has changed quite a bit about the real estate world including opening up the possibility and practicality of remote closings. The continued authorization and utilization of remote closings using Zoom, MS Teams, Skype, etc. Using the real-time audio visual communication technology (“AVCT”) means your closing attorney (notary) can be present via videoconference instead of going to the office in person. 

There’s a lot of things that have changed since Covid-19 first appeared in 2020 and a lot of these things are here to stay. If you’re wondering what some of those changes might be we’ve got our thoughts on that one as well!

When Should I Find an Attorney for Closing? 

If you’re moving into the closing phase of your home buying process, first off, congratulations! 

The best time to contact an attorney about the closing process is typically 30-60 days out from the closing date. If you’re less than 30 days out you might find yourself struggling with finding an attorney’s office with the availability or the ability to give you the time to be as thorough as you need. 

If you’re wondering who you should call, try us! At Frank B. Pallotta Law we are licensed Real Estate Lawyers with 20 years of experience helping our clients in Georgia navigate the closing process. Reach out to us with your questions. We’re here to help.