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Tips for a Smooth Closing

Information Requested From Lenders


Title Order:

1. Include borrower’s name, property address, contact phone numbers and legal description of property if available

2. If Title Commitment is required, please include loan amount (1 st and 2 nd mortgages), name of lender to be shown on Title Commitment and contact number and fax number for processor working on file

3. If Insured Closing Letter is required, please include lender’s name, address, contact phone number and fax number

Loan Closing Package:

Please e-mail package to our office a minimum of three business days prior to closing for preliminary Closing Disclosure

Information Requested From Real Estate Agents


Complete Sales Contract and any addendums (including Commission Agreement) as well as any Home Warranty documents and invoices should be delivered to our office 7-10 days prior to closing.

Contact telephone numbers for all parties to include:

1. Buyer’s and Seller’s home and work phone numbers

2. Real Estate Agent’s home and work phone numbers

3. If available, mortgage payoff information, to include: mortgage company, loan number, phone number, social security number of primary loan holder on property and seller’s forwarding address

4. Contact number for Homeowners Association

5. Buyer’s Home Owners Insurance information

6. Real Estate Agents and Brokers names, addresses and state license numbers.

Information Requested From Sellers/Buyers



1. Photo ID (driver’s license, passport or state-issued ID)
2. An original termite letter if called for by your contract
3. House keys and any garage door openers
4. If applicable, original Power of Attorney (this is required if you are unable to attend your closing)


1. Photo ID (driver’s license, passport or state-issued ID)

2. A cashier’s check or certified funds for amount specified by lender (make funds payable to yourself) if cash to close is under $5,000.00

3. Any additional documents required by your lender

4. Original Power of Attorney if required and approved by lender (this is required if you are unable to attend your closing)