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Buying a house in Georgia requires a real estate attorney present during the closing process. This ensures that everything is done properly, legally, and in everyone’s best interests. Your real estate attorney is the one who is going to prepare all the paperwork needed for closing, and resolve any legal disputes that may come up.

It’s important to have confidence in and good communication with your real estate attorney. Where are you going to get the kind of engagement and interaction that you need? Do you need to get a big firm with lots of heads in the pot, or a small firm with more focus on you? 

The Benefits of Large Real Estate Firms

When you start the hunt for a good real estate attorney and law firm you’ll find the big ones first. Which makes sense, they have more money to put towards advertising to get their name out there. It also means more people working with them, and subsequently spreading the word. The word with a big firm is “More.” More resources and more people involved.

Having more people is good. More experience and expertise to draw on and more hands to help make sure everything is handled efficiently. If you’re being billed hourly, efficiency is the key to getting a good deal. You might even end up saving a few dollars. 

The Drawbacks of a Big Real Estate Firm

For as many good things that come with a big firm there’s an equal amount of bad. Because they’re bigger, they’re handling more clients and can’t give you that individual attention that your case and situation. More efficiency means less personalization. More clients means less attention paid to you and your case.

The more people work there, the more overhead costs are accrued and the efficiency and shortcuts that they’re able to take to offset those costs might be more than you’re willing to compromise on. Every Georgia real estate attorney is going to do their best to ensure you have no problems when closing on your house, but in such a huge purchase the difference between “good” and “great” service is a stark difference. 

The Benefits of Small Real Estate Firms

When dealing with something as important as your real estate attorney “bigger” doesn’t always equate to “better.” While a big company may have ten people on hand to solve a problem, a small firm has the unique ability to solve your problem the way it needs to be solved. Because a smaller firm will have fewer people working there, they’ll have fewer clients.

Fewer clients at once for them means more time with you and your needs, which they’re likely to have more experience in than your average real estate attorney. The experience in a small firm will be concentrated more on the people you’ll be working with. They’ll have a better idea of what the “big picture” is for your situation and be able to make suggestions and decisions based on that experience.

Being able to leverage their experience with the care that comes with individual treatment is indispensable when dealing with such a large financial decision. Not to mention a smaller firm will have less overhead to worry about, so you know what your money is going for: the expertise of someone who is truly in your corner. 

Downsides of a small real estate firm

Are there really drawbacks to having a small real estate firm in your corner? We don’t think so. At Frank B. Pallotta Law we have more than 20 years of experience helping our Georgia clients navigate the closing process. We understand that each client is different, each situation is different, and that you need our full attention. Reach out to us with your questions. We’re here to demystify the closing process, one question at a time.

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