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Shopping for a new home can be a minefield of expectations, compromises, and ultimately disappointments. Diving into the home buying search without a solid list of what is a “must have” and what is a “nice to have”.  Ask yourself these four questions and get the home of your dreams.

1. What is the bare minimum?

Look at what your family looks like right now: how many bedrooms do you absolutely need to have? A family of five probably isn’t going to do well in a one bedroom home. Could you manage with two or do you need four? Think about what your space requirements are and decide how many bedrooms and bathrooms can you live with before it becomes a problem. Then decide if that bare minimum is what is going to make you and your family comfortable. 

2. What will make you comfortable?

The bare minimum is just that, the barest of essentials. For a lot of people and families the answer to the first question is the same as the answer to this question. Which is great. But if it’s not, what will make you and your family comfortable? How many bedrooms and bathrooms lets everyone breathe and be comfortable? Comfort is key, especially in your home. 

3. What isn’t working about your current home?

There’s a reason you’re moving. What about your current home isn’t working for you the way it used to? This one is trickier, because a lot of the things that affect us on a day to day basis are difficult to visualize in other homes. So list out what’s not working in your own home, don’t think about solutions so much as knowing what you’re looking to avoid at first. Sit on that list for a day or two before you go back and see how you can visualize what solutions could look like in a new space.

4. How is your family changing in the near future?

While it’s impossible to predict exactly how your family is going to grow and evolve in the future, you may have some ideas as to how it’s going to look. Are you planning on having children? Or are you anticipating an empty nest soon? As your family grows and evolves your needs as a family are going to change. Make sure your must-have list is designed for the functional and flexible to the changes coming in your life. 

And once your must have list has led to a home purchase…call us!

Any time you buy a home in Georgia it is required by law that there is a licensed real estate attorney present at closing. It’s important to contact them in the right time frame as well! If you’re taking steps to close on your house in the next 30-60 days, that is the ideal time to reach out and choose your Georgia real estate attorney. Any less time than that and you’re not going to get the quality of service that you and your home deserve! If this sounds like your time frame don’t hesitate to give us a call! At Frank B. Pallotta Law we are licensed Real Estate Lawyers with 20 years of experience helping our clients in Georgia navigate the closing process. Reach out to us with your questions. We’re here to help.