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Good Day!

Last week I had the pleasure and privilege of attending a Real Estate Seminar put on by my friends at Old Republic Title Insurance Company.  And while it was very interesting with various speakers talking about such diverse matters as Ethics and Claims Avoidance, the topic that made the greatest impact on me, for my day to day business, was entitled “Business Email Compromise Fraud.”  Or maybe it was just the speaker.  He was quite impressive, quite informative and what he had to say was quite frightening.  And while I certainly cannot present the material the same way, I am willing to discuss with any of our local real estate agents or investors, in person or in a group, the dangers of Cyber Crime, and to use the speakers phrase, “how to become a harder target.”

Let me know if this is something you might have an interest in learning a little more about. Give me a call today to learn more!