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Joining a Homeowners Association (HOA) is a major consideration when it comes to choosing and buying your next home. Some people thrive in HOA homes and neighborhoods, while some people have such negative experiences they’ll never buy into one again. All these perspectives can be helpful, but ultimately it’s your decision.

Pros of an HOA

Additional and well maintained amenities

You pay fees with an HOA but those fees often go to community accessible amenities. Playgrounds and pools are common amenities available to people who live in HOA communities. Clubhouses, golf courses, etc.

A more active community

Most people who buy a home with an HOA are looking for a home in a community. They want to be good neighbors and have good neighbors. HOA communities are more likely to have block parties and other community themed events.

Increased property values 

One of the biggest financial perks to an HOA is the regulations on the neighborhood. HOA homes have standards they have to keep up with as far as maintenance and appearance goes. An HOA neighborhood takes a “rising tide raises all ships” approach to the value of property in the community. Your neighbors are going to keep each others property values high.

Cons of an HOA

Regular Fees

Buying an HOA home means buying a home that is going to have fees with it for the rest of the time you own it. HOA fees are typically between $200-$300 a month on top of your mortgage, taxes, and insurance. When you fail to pay these fees the HOA is able to impose fines, or in some cases may even be able to have your home foreclosed on.


Part of the aim of HOAs is to keep property values up, which means they have to approve of all of the changes you might want to make to your home. Want to paint? There’s a small selection. Considering an addition? They get the final say on that as well. Even certain things like what flowers you plant and doing car maintenance can be frowned upon by the HOA and get you in trouble. Living in an HOA neighborhood means you agree to abide by these restrictions.

Lack of Privacy

It’s part of the job of an HOA to be in your business with regards to your home. You’ll be a lot closer with your neighbors and constantly monitored by your neighbors to make sure you’re complying with the neighborhood rules. 

And when you do buy a house…

HOA neighborhood or not when you buy a house call us! Any time you buy a home in Georgia it is required by law that there is a licensed real estate attorney present at closing. It’s important to contact them in the right time frame as well! If you’re taking steps to close on your house in the next 30-60 days, that is the ideal time to reach out and choose your Georgia real estate attorney. If this sounds like your time frame don’t hesitate to give us a call! At Frank B. Pallotta Law we are licensed Real Estate Lawyers with 20 years of experience helping our clients in Georgia navigate the closing process. Reach out to us with your questions. We’re here to help.